Kelly Chabot


Chabot performs a number of programmatic monitoring services for the Firm’s Consulting Division. Prior to joining the Firm in May 2017, Chabot held multiple positions with Florida regional workforce boards. During Chabot’s time with workforce development boards, she performed duties related to the Welfare Transition Program as a case manager, orientation and work registration facilitator, quality assurance and continuous improvement auditor, regional trainer, and most recently was a Planning and Policy Liaison.

Chabot has more than 10 years of experience related to workforce development programs and brings her extensive knowledge of OSST and the FLORIDA systems to her responsibilities, including conducting Welfare Transition and SNAP case file reviews. Additionally, she conducts Welfare Transition process reviews at the CareerSource centers, client training, and compliance and performance improvement services. She is a Florida Certified Workforce Professional with Tier I Certification and a Florida Certified Motivational Coach.